Brief History

The first international bible camp was organized in December 2009 in Koumé, Cameroon, nine months after the departure of Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum (ZTF) to be with the Lord. It was a gathering initiated by the new international leader Brother Theodore ANDOSEH to take off the youth of Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI) and its associated churches from months of emotions, and give them a real boost at a time when hearts needed to hear that the vision continues. At that time, the youth needed something else apart from melancholy tears, as they are rightly considered as "the spearhead of the Church, the nursery from which to draw co-workers, to continue and accomplish the vision. “

For the international leader, the international Bible camps are intended as places of training and impartation of the vision to the youth. This involves restoring the youth to God, discipleship, not forgetting soul winning.

Because all youths in every nation could not attend these camps in Koumé, it has become indispensable to have them organized in other countries. In Belgium, Sis. Edith a CMFI missionary has been gathering youths and it is after Ps Alex of CMFI Ottawa attended the session on Summer 2017 and seeing the powerful effects these camps have in the lives of our youths, it became evident that Canada needs to follow suit.
The first CMFI Canada National Bible Camp was therefore held last year, 2018 and saw the participation of 80 youths from various cities across Canada, as well as of Sis Edith and her team from Belgium. The theme of this camp was: The Challenges Christian Youths face in this generation.

The joyful responses, the commitments to follow and serve the Lord taken by many youths, and the many other testimonies shared after the Bible camp were all evidence that this initiative is one that needed to be continued.